We provide products and services to a wide range of business ranging from a small one store retail shop to national hotel chains, banks, credit unions, restaurant chains, retail department store chains and many more. We cover a wide area including but not limited to Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Most of Mexico, Parts of Central and South America such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina as well as Eastern Canada in the north. Do not be intimidated to give us a call, we will work with any budget and find the right solution for you!

Advanced Security:

  • This provides network security by locking down TCP and UDP ports.
  • Able to support site-to-site IPSEC VPN tunnel
  • Able to support client VPN Solution for remote users.
  • Keep you entire private network clean and segmented from the internet.
  • Peace of mind – Data is protected.

Next Generation Advanced Security:

  • Lock down applications, domain names, IPs as well as TCP and UDP Ports.
  • Smart Intrusion prevention Engine to keep all data secured.
  • Botnet Detection
  • IPSEC Site to Site VPN support.
  • SSL Client VPN Support.
  • Real Time antivirus ans file scan.
  • Peace of Mind.

ISP Management:

  • We will manage¬†Charter, Comcast, US Signal, CTS Telecom, Everstream, Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, AT&T or any other ISP out there.
  • We will work with them and support them or push to get your issue resolved in a timely matter.
  • We will try to negotiate a contract and make sure you are getting the best price for your internet.

Managed Network:

This is our top tier service that includes all of our services bundled into one.

Managed Switch:

Smart PoE Managed switch with Quality of Service Support for your critical business programs.

Managed Wireless:

Smart wireless long-range access points to keep everyone connected.

Products: Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls, Cisco ASAs, Cisco Catalyst and Small Business Switches, Cisco Routers and much more!

Premium Services: Consulting / Professional Services.

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