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Cybersecurity Monitoring
An integrated security information and event management (SIEM) platform provides robust cybersecurity monitoring and alerting. The SecureOwl appliance collects log files from devices on your network including servers, workstations, switches, routers, firewalls, and storage devices. It then encrypts and sends the information to Network Kings for analysis.

Log files, system generated data that record important events that take place on a device or application, are critical for identifying and analyzing cyber threats. Network Kings applies best practices to computer logging settings to ensure that valuable data is tracked and then retrieves logging information in real time from devices for searching, analysis, archival, and alerting.

Threat Detection
Events are analyzed in real-time, and Network Kings correlates information from various devices to gain a holistic understanding of activity. Suspicious activity generates alerts that Network Kings’s CyberOps team reviews to determine if action is necessary and, if so, clients are contacted with remediation advice. In addition to manual notifications, some events trigger automatic workflows to mitigate the threat such as disabling an account or quarantining a device.

Malware Protection
Malware is one of the primary ways attackers breach corporate networks and is often distributed through phishing messages or installed through malicious online ads or links. The consequences of a malware infection can include corruption of data or systems, ransom demands, or data exfiltration and data breaches. Comodo Enpoint Protection’s advanced malware protection combines endpoint protection, centralized monitoring, rapid virus definition deployment, and access to incident response and malware sandboxing services to provide a powerful defense against an attack.

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management identifies issues with incorrect configurations, system changes, or software bugs so they can be corrected before they are exploited by hackers or malicious insiders. Network Kings will scan client networks monthly and deliver a list of vulnerabilities and prioritized remediation actions.

Managed IT services

Managed IT services are essential for every successful business. Is information technology creating more pain than gain for your company? It may be the right time to consider a managed IT services solution! Whether you are looking to bolster your existing IT department or outsource it, Network Kings has the tools, talent, and support you need to help truly turn your technology into a valued, trusted asset.

Our Managed IT Services Include:

Support Services
24 x 7 x 365 On-site and Off-Site Support
Help Desk Support
Service Level Expectations
Management Consulting Services
Virtual Chief Technology Officer Services
Asset Management/Tracking Services
Proactive Support Services
Remote Monitoring and Management – 24 x 7 System Monitoring of Critical Systems
Proactive Server Checkups
Health Report Safety Check
Best in Class Technology Solutions
Email Spam/Virus Filter and Continuity
Anti-virus Protection
Internet Security
Threat Protection
Mobile Device Management

Clients Come First

Since the beginning we’ve focused on doing what it takes to deliver for our clients. Whether it’s developing our software to meet specific needs or providing tireless attention and support to projects, we operate with a clear understanding of the client’s voice in everything we do. We know that if we take care of our clients, everything else will take care of itself.

We believe this to be true in both the services we offer and the number of clients with whom we work. We don’t seek individual, one-off projects. Instead, we’re interested in working in deeper, longer-lasting relationships where we concentrate our resources on what we do best and making a difference as a part of our clients’ team.

It’s not enough to be good, or even great. We must get better. We work in a fast-changing environment with challenges and requirements growing all the time. We believe in a culture and mindset that looks at everything we do with an eye toward enhancing and improving.

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